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Les Psaumes

- chapitre 96 -

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1Sing a new song about the new things that the Lord has done! Let the whole world sing to the Lord.
2Sing to the Lord! Bless his name! Tell the good news! Tell about him saving us every day!
3Tell people that God is truly wonderful. Tell people everywhere about the amazing things God does.
4The Lord is great and worthy of praise. He is more awesome than any of the gods.
5All of the gods in other nations are only statues. But the Lord made the heavens.
6There is a beautiful glory shining in front of him. There is strength and beauty in God’s holy temple.
7Families and nations, sing songs of praise and glory to the Lord.
8Praise the Lord’s name. Get your offerings, and go to the temple.
9Worship the Lord in his beautiful temple. Worship the Lord, every person on earth.
10Announce to the nations that the Lord is King! So the world will not be destroyed. The Lord will rule the people fairly.
11Be happy, heavens! Rejoice, earth! Sea and everything in it, shout with joy!
12Fields and everything growing on them, be happy! Trees in the forest, sing and be happy!
13Be happy because the Lord is coming. The Lord is coming to rule the world. He will rule the world with justice and fairness.

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