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 King JamesDiodatiEasy to read
1In Judah is God known: his name is great in Israel.Al maestro del coro. Per strumenti a corda. Salmo di Asaf. Cantico. In Giuda DIO è ben conosciutoTo the director. With instruments. One of Asaph’s songs of praise. People in Judah know God. People in Israel respect God’s name.
2In Salem also is his tabernacle, and his dwelling place in Zion.Il suo tabernacolo è in Salem e la sua dimora in Sion.God’s temple is in Salem. God’s house is on Mount Zion.
3There brake he the arrows of the bow, the shield, and the sword, and the battle. Selah.Qui egli ha spezzato i dardi infuocati dell'arco, lo scudo e la spada di guerra.In that place, God shattered the bows and arrows, shields, swords, and other weapons of war. SELAH
4Thou art more glorious and excellent than the mountains of prey.Tu appari glorioso e potente sui monti di preda.God, you are glorious coming back from the hills where you defeated your enemies.
5The stouthearted are spoiled, they have slept their sleep: and none of the men of might have found their hands.I valorosi sono stati spogliati, sono stati presi dal sonno, e nessuno di quegli uomini prodi ha potuto far uso delle sue mani.Those soldiers thought they were strong. But now they lie dead in the fields. Their bodies are stripped of all they owned. None of those strong soldiers could defend themselves.
6At thy rebuke, O God of Jacob, both the chariot and horse are cast into a dead sleep.Al tuo rimprovero, o DIO di Giacobbe, carri e cavalli rimasero storditi.The God of Jacob yelled at those soldiers, and that army with chariots and horses fell dead.
7Thou, even thou, art to be feared: and who may stand in thy sight when once thou art angry?Tu, proprio tu, devi essere temuto; e chi può resistere davanti a te, quando ti adiri?God, you are awesome! No person can stand against you when you are angry.
8Thou didst cause judgment to be heard from heaven; the earth feared, and was still,Tu hai fatto udire dal cielo la tua sentenza, la terra fu impaurita e tacque,The Lord stood as judge and announced his decision. God saved the humble people of the land.
9When God arose to judgment, to save all the meek of the earth. Selah.quando DIO si levò per giudicare, per liberare tutti i bisognosi della terra. (Sela)From heaven he gave the decision. The whole earth was silent and afraid.
10Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain.Anche l'ira degli uomini ritornerà a tua lode, e ti cingerai con gli avanzi stessi della loro ira.God, people respect you when you punish evil people. You show your anger, and the survivors become stronger.
11Vow, and pay unto the LORD your God: let all that be round about him bring presents unto him that ought to be feared.Fate voti all'Eterno, al DIO vostro, e adempiteli; tutti quelli che stanno attorno a lui portino doni al Tremendo.People, you made promises to the Lord your God. Now, give him what you promised. People in every place fear and respect God. And they will bring gifts to him.
12He shall cut off the spirit of princes: he is terrible to the kings of the earth.Egli toglie il respiro ai governanti, egli è temuto dai re della terra.God defeats great leaders. All the kings on earth fear him.

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