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- chapitre 64 -

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1Au maître-chantre. Psaume de David. O Dieu, écoute ma voix quand je parle; garantis ma vie contre l'ennemi qui m'épouvante!Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint: Preserve my life from fear of the enemy.Al maestro del coro. Salmo di Davide. Ascolta la mia voceTo the director. One of David’s songs. God, listen to me. My enemy threatened me. Protect my life from him!
2Mets-moi à couvert du complot des méchants, du tumulte des ouvriers d'iniquité;Hide me from the secret counsel of evil-doers, From the tumult of the workers of iniquity;Nascondimi dalle macchinazioni dei malvagi e dalla folla turbolenta degli operatori d'iniquità.Protect me from the secret plans of my enemies. Hide me from those wicked people.
3Qui aiguisent leur langue comme une épée, qui ajustent comme une flèche leur parole amère,Who have whet their tongue like a sword, And have aimed their arrows, even bitter words,Essi affilano la loro lingua come una spada, e al posto di frecce scagliano parole amareThey have told many bad lies about me. Their tongues are like sharp swords, their bitter words like arrows.
4Pour tirer en secret sur l'innocent; ils tirent soudain contre lui, et n'ont point de crainte.That they may shoot in secret places at the perfect: Suddenly do they shoot at him, and fear not.per colpire di nascosto l'innocente; lo colpiscono all'improvviso senza alcun timore.Then suddenly, without fear, they shoot from their hiding places, at a simple, honest man.
5Ils s'affermissent dans un mauvais dessein; ils ne parlent que de cacher des pièges; ils disent: Qui le verra?They encourage themselves in an evil purpose; They commune of laying snares privily; They say, Who will see them?S'incoraggiano a vicenda in imprese malvagie; parlano di tendere lacci di nascosto e dicono: Chi li vedrà?.They encourage each other to do wrong. They talk about setting their traps. They tell each other, No one will see the traps!
6Ils inventent des fraudes: Nous voilà prêts; le plan est formé! Et leur pensée secrète, le coeur de chacun est un abîme.They search out iniquities; We have accomplished, [say they], a diligent search: And the inward thought and the heart of every one is deep.Tramano cose malvagie e dicono: Abbiamo messo a punto un piano perfetto. I pensieri reconditi e il cuore dell'uomo sono imperscrutabili.They have hidden their traps. They are looking for victims. (People can be very tricky. It is hard to know what people are thinking.)
7Mais Dieu leur lance une flèche; soudain les voilà frappés.But God will shoot at them; With an arrow suddenly shall they be wounded.Ma DIO scaglierà contro di loro le sue frecce, e saranno improvvisamente abbattuti.But God can shoot his arrows too! And before they know it, the evil people are wounded.
8Ceux que leur langue attaquait, les ont renversés; tous ceux qui les voient hochent la tête.So they shall be made to stumble, their own tongue being against them: All that see them shall wag the head.Essi cadranno, e il male fatto dalle loro lingue ricadrà su di loro; chiunque li vedrà scuoterà la testa.Evil people plan to do bad things to other people. But God can ruin their plans, and make those bad things happen to them. Then everyone that sees them will shake their heads in amazement.
9Les hommes sont tous saisis de crainte; ils racontent l'oeuvre de Dieu, et considèrent ce qu'il a fait.And all men shall fear; And they shall declare the work of God, And shall wisely consider of his doing.Allora tutti gli uomini temeranno e racconteranno l'opera di DIO, e riconosceranno ciò che egli ha fatto.People will see what God has done. They will tell other people about him. Then everyone will learn more about God. They will learn to fear and respect him.
10Le juste se réjouira en l'Éternel, et se retirera vers lui; tous ceux qui ont le coeur droit s'en glorifieront.The righteous shall be glad in Jehovah, and shall take refuge in him; And all the upright in heart shall glory. Psalm 65 For the Chief Musician. A Psalm. A song of David.Il giusto si rallegrerà nell'Eterno e cercherà rifugio in lui, e tutti i retti di cuore si glorieranno.A good person is happy to serve the Lord. He depends on God. And when good honest people see what happens, they praise the Lord!

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