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Les Psaumes

- chapitre 19 -

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1To the director. A song of David. The heavens speak about God’s glory. The skies tell about the good things his hands have made.
2Each new day tells more of the story. And each night reveals more and more about God’s power.
3You can’t really hear any speech or words. They don’t make any sound we can hear.
4But their voice goes throughout the world. Their words go to the ends of the earth. The sky is like a home for the sun.
5The sun comes out like a happy bridegroom from his bedroom. The sun begins its path across the sky like an athlete eager to run his race.
6The sun starts at one end of the sky, and it runs all the way to the other end. Nothing can hide from its heat. The Lord’s teachings are like that.
7The Lord’s teachings are perfect. They give strength to God’s people. The Lord’s Agreement can be trusted. It helps foolish people become wise.
8The Lord’s laws are right. They make people happy. The Lord’s commands are good. They show people the right way to live.
9Worshiping the Lord is like a light that will shine bright forever. The Lord’s judgments are good and fair. They are completely right.
10The Lord’s teachings are worth more than the best gold. They are sweeter than the best honey that comes straight from the honeycomb.
11The Lord’s teachings warn his servant. Good things come from obeying them.
12Lord, no person can see all of his own mistakes. So don’t let me do secret sins.
13Don’t let me do the sins I want to do. Don’t let those sins rule me. If you help me, then I can be pure and free from my sins.
14I hope my words and thoughts please you. Lord, you are my Rock —You are the One who saves me.

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