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Les Proverbes

- chapitre 9 -

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1Wisdom built her house. She put the seven columns in it.
2She (Wisdom) cooked meat and made wine. She put food on her table.
3And then she sent her servants to town to invite people to come up to the hill in the city and eat with her. She said,
4Come, you people who need to learn. She also invited foolish people. She said,
5Come, eat the food of my wisdom. And drink the wine that I have made.
6Leave your old, foolish ways, and you will have life. Follow the way of understanding.
7If you try to show a proud man that he is wrong, then he will only criticize you. That man only makes fun of God’s wisdom. If you tell an evil man that he is wrong, then he will make fun of you.
8So, if a man thinks that he is better than other people, don’t tell him that he is wrong. He will hate you for it. But if you try to help a wise man then he will respect you.
9If you teach a wise man, then he will become wiser. If you teach a good man, then he will learn more.
10Respect for the Lord is the first step toward getting wisdom. Getting knowledge of the Lord is the first step toward getting understanding.
11If you are wise, then your life will be longer.
12If you become wise, then you have become wise for your own good. But if you become proud and make fun of other people, then only you are to blame for your trouble.
13A foolish person is like a loud, evil woman. She does not have knowledge.
14She sits at the door of her house. She sits on her chair on the hill in the city.
15And when people walk by, she calls out to them. Those people are not interested in her, but she says,
16Come you people who need to learn. She also invited foolish people.
17But she (Foolishness) says, If you steal water, it tastes better than your own. If you steal bread, it tastes better than the bread you cook yourself.
18And those poor foolish people didn’t know that her house was filled only with ghosts. She (Foolishness) had invited them into the deepest parts of the place of death!

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