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Les Proverbes

- chapitre 29 -

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1If a person is stubborn and becomes more angry every time people tell him that he is doing wrong, then that person will be destroyed. There is no hope.
2When the ruler is a good person, then all the people are happy. But when an evil person rules, then all the people complain.
3If a person loves wisdom, then his father is very happy. But if a person wastes his money on prostitutes, then he will lose his wealth.
4If a king is fair, then the nation will be strong. But if a king is selfish and people must pay him to do things for them, then the nation will be weak.
5If a person tries to get what he wants by saying nice things to people, then he is only setting a trap for himself.
6Evil people are defeated by their own sin. But a good person can sing and be happy.
7Good people want to do the right thing for poor people. But evil people don’t care.
8People who think they are better than other people can cause much trouble. They can put whole cities into confusion. But people who are wise make peace.
9If a wise person tries to settle a problem with a fool, then the fool will argue and say stupid things. And the two people will never agree.
10Murderers always hate honest people. Those evil people want to kill good, honest people.
11A foolish person becomes angry easily. But a wise person is patient and controls himself.
12If a ruler listens to lies, then all his officials will be evil.
13In one way a poor person and the person who steals from the poor are the same: The Lord made them both.
14If a king is fair to poor people he will rule for a long time.
15Spankings and teachings are good for children. If parents let a child do whatever he wants, then he will bring shame to his mother.
16If evil people are ruling the nation, then sin will be everywhere. But good people will win in the end.
17Punish your son when he is wrong, then you will always be proud of him. He will never make you ashamed.
18If a nation is not guided by God, then that nation will not have peace. But the nation that obeys God’s law will be happy.
19A servant won’t learn a lesson if you only talk to him. That servant may understand your words but he won’t obey.
20If a person speaks without thinking, there is no hope for him. There is more hope for a fool than for the person who speaks without thinking.
21If you always give your servant everything he wants, then in the end he will not be a good servant.
22An angry person causes trouble. And the person who becomes angry easily is guilty of many sins.
23If a person thinks he is better than other people, then that will destroy him. But if a person is humble, then other people will respect him.
24Two thieves that work together are enemies. One thief will threaten the other one, so if he is forced to tell the truth in court, he will be too afraid to speak.
25Fear is like a trap. But if you trust in the Lord, you will be safe.
26Many people want to be the friends of a ruler. But the Lord is the One that judges people fairly.
27Good people hate those people who are not honest. And evil people hate people who are honest.

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