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Les Proverbes

- chapitre 13 -

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1A wise son listens carefully when his father tells him what to do. But a proud person does not listen when people try to correct him.
2Good people are rewarded for the good things they say. But evil people always want to do wrong.
3The person who is careful about the things he says will save his life. But the person who speaks without thinking will be destroyed.
4The lazy person wants things, but he can never get them. But people who work hard will get the things they want.
5Good people hate lies. Evil people will be made ashamed.
6Goodness protects a good, honest person. But evil defeats the person that loves to sin.
7Some people act like they are rich, but they have nothing. Other people act like they are poor, but they are really rich.
8A rich person might have to pay a ransom to save his life. But poor people never receive threats like that.
9A good person is like a light that shines brightly. But an evil person is like a light that becomes dark.
10People who think they are better than other people only cause trouble. But people who listen to the things other people tell them are wise.
11If a person cheats to get money, then that money will soon be gone. But the person who earns his money will make it grow more and more.
12If there is no hope, then the heart is sad. If the thing you wish for happens, then you are filled with joy.
13If a person refuses to listen when other people try to help him, then he will bring trouble to himself. But the person who respects the things other people tell him, will be rewarded.
14The teachings of a wise person give life. Those words will help you in times of trouble.
15People like a person with good sense. But life is hard for a person who can’t be trusted.
16A wise person always thinks before he does something. But a foolish person shows he is stupid by the things he does.
17If a messenger cannot be trusted, then there will be trouble around him. But if a person can be trusted, then there will be peace.
18If a person refuses to learn from his mistakes, then he will be poor and ashamed. But if a person listens when he is criticized or punished, then he will profit.
19If a person wants something and then gets it, he will be very happy. But stupid people only want evil, and they refuse to change.
20Be friends with people who are wise, and you will become wise. But if you choose fools to be your friends, then you will have trouble.
21Trouble chases sinners wherever they go. But good things happen to good people.
22A good person will have wealth to give to his children and grandchildren. And in the end, good people will get all the things that evil people have.
23A poor man might have good land that can produce plenty of food. But he makes bad decisions and stays hungry.
24If a person truly loves his children, then he will correct them when they are wrong. If you love your son, then you will be careful to teach him the right way.
25Good people will have what they really need. But evil people will always be without the most important thing.

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