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Les Proverbes

- chapitre 12 -

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1If a person wants to be wise, then he is not angry if someone tells him when he does wrong. The person who hates to be told that he is wrong is stupid.
2The Lord is happy with a good person. But the Lord judges an evil person to be guilty.
3Evil people are never safe. But good people will be safe and secure.
4A husband is happy and proud with a good wife. But if a woman makes her husband ashamed, then she is like a sickness in his body.
5Good people are fair and honest in the things they plan to do. But don’t trust the things an evil person tells you.
6Evil people use their words to hurt other people. But the words of a good person can save people from danger.
7Evil people are destroyed and there is nothing left. But people remember a good man long after he is gone.
8People praise a wise man. But people don’t respect a stupid person.
9It is better to be a person who is not important but works hard than to be a person who pretends to be important but has no food.
10A good man cares for his animals. But evil people can’t be kind.
11The farmer that works with his land will have enough food. But the person who wastes time on worthless ideas is foolish.
12Evil people always want to find wrong things to do. But good people have strength that goes deep like roots.
13An evil person says foolish things and is trapped by his words. But a good person escapes from that kind of trouble.
14A person is rewarded because of the good things that he says. In the same way, the work he does gives him profit.
15A foolish person always thinks his own way is best. But a wise person listens to the things other people tell him.
16A foolish person is easily upset. But a smart person quickly forgives other people if they say something wrong.
17If a person tells the truth, then he is honest in the things he says. But if a person lies, then that leads to trouble.
18If a person speaks words without thinking, then those words can hurt like a sword. But a wise person is careful with the things he says. His words can heal those hurts.
19If a person tells a lie, then those words are wasted quickly. But the truth will live forever.
20Evil people always want to cause trouble. But people who work for peace will be happy.
21Good people will be kept safe by the Lord. But evil people will have many troubles.
22The Lord hates people who tell lies. But the Lord is happy with people who tell the truth.
23A smart person doesn’t tell everything he knows. But a foolish person tells everything and shows he is a fool.
24People who work hard will be put in charge of other workers. But a lazy person will have to work like a slave.
25Worry can take away a person’s happiness. But a kind word can make a person happy.
26A good man is very careful about the friends he chooses. But evil people always choose the wrong friends.
27A lazy person won’t go after the things he wants. But riches come to the person who works hard.
28If you live right, then you will have true life. That is the way to live forever.

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