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Les Proverbes

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1These words are the wise teachings of Solomon, the son of David. Solomon was the king of Israel.
2These words are written so that people can be wise and know the right things to do. These words will help people understand wise teachings.
3These words will teach people to develop their minds in the right way—people will learn the right way to be honest, fair, and good.
4These wise words can teach people who need to learn wisdom. These words can teach young people the things they need to know and how to use that information.
5Even wise people should listen to these words. They will learn more and become even wiser. And people who are skilled at solving problems will gain even more understanding.
6Then those people will be able to understand wise sayings and stories with hidden meanings. Those people will be able to understand the things wise men say.
7The first thing a person must learn is to respect and obey the Lord—that leads to true wisdom. But evil people hate discipline and true wisdom.
8My son, listen to your father when he corrects you. And don’t ignore what your mother teaches you.
9The things your parents teach you are like a nice hat or a beautiful necklace that makes a person look even better.
10My son, some people love to do bad things—and those people will try to make you do bad things too. Don’t listen to them!
11Those bad people might say, Come with us! We are going to hide and wait for someone to kill. We will attack some innocent person.
12We will kill that person. We will send that person to the place of death. We will destroy that person and send him to the grave.
13We will steal all kinds of things worth lots of money. We will fill our houses with these things.
14So come with us and help us do these things. We will all share everything we get!
15My son, don’t follow those people. Don’t even take the first step along that path.
16Those bad people race to do bad things. They are in a hurry to kill someone!
17People spread out nets to catch birds. But it is useless to set the trap while the birds are watching.
18So those bad people hide themselves and wait to kill someone. But really, they will be destroyed by their own trap!
19Greedy people are always destroyed by the things they take.
20Listen! Wisdom is trying to teach people. She (Wisdom) is shouting in the streets and in the market place.
21She is calling out on the busy street corners. She is near the city gates trying to get people to listen to her. Wisdom says:
22You are foolish people. How long will you continue doing foolish things? How long will you make fun of wisdom? How long will you continue to hate knowledge?
23You should have listened to my advice and teaching. I would have told you everything I knew. I would have given you all of my knowledge.
24But you refused to listen to me. I tried to help. I offered my hand—but you refused to accept my help.
25You turned away and ignored all of my advice. You refused to accept my words.
26So, I will laugh at your trouble. I will enjoy seeing trouble come to you!
27Great trouble will come to you like a bad storm. Problems will hit you like a strong wind. Your troubles and sadness will be a very great burden on you.
28When all these things happen, you will ask for my help. But I will not help you. You will look for me, but you will not find me.
29I will not help because you never wanted my knowledge. You refused to fear and respect the Lord.
30You people refused to listen to my words of advice. You would not listen to me when I showed you the right way.
31You people lived the way you wanted to live. You followed your own advice. So now you must accept the result of your own actions!
32Foolish people die because they refuse to follow wisdom. They are happy to continue in their foolish ways, and this will destroy them.
33But the person who obeys me will live safely. That person will be comfortable. He will not have to be afraid of evil.

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